Book Review – The Thirteen | That Night | Undone

I have been doing A LOT of reading this summer and I thought that today I would round up my favourites!

Ok, let’s be honest I feel like I have done a lot of reading, but in reality I only read a couple of books. (Include all of the teaching resources and curriculum I have read, and that is like reading a whole library am I right?) The good news is, I really enjoyed the novels I read over the last couple of months, and I think other people might enjoy them too! I know I am not the only who stands in the isles of Chapters or Indigo researching every book I pick up to see if it’s worth the $22.50CAD.

Side note: I almost never pay the full price of a book. All of the books I am mentioning in this blog post were found in the “Fiction Under $10” or “3 for $10” section at Indigo. I truly believe you can find some gems in those sections! But don’t get me wrong, if everyone and their mother is raving about a book and it is full price, I MAY cave.. maybe.

The Thirteen by Susie Moloney

I read this book rather quickly, but I found it slightly difficult to get into. I bought it because I have a thing for witches, they intrigue me. I loved the Witches of East End series so I thought this might compare. It features the common mother-daughter relationship coupled with poverty, which was interesting in itself. The plot also includes a circle of woman who’s relationships are so odd and out of this world (literally) that is was a little difficult to follow. If you enjoy stories with mythical characters and an adult twist, you will enjoy this one. Caution: This novel is not appropriate for children. Grab it here.

Undone by Cat Clarke

WOW. This book captivated me from the beginning, all the way to the end. This book goes into the terrible reality of teenagers who live with secrets. Secrets about themselves, secrets about others, secrets that ruin lives. More importantly, the book shows how someones secrets, once revealed and not respected, can turn lives upside down. This was a real eye opener for me as to what happens with teens, and how far they really will go to prove something. Grab it here.

That Night by Chevy Stevens

Guys, this book is a must! I hear this author has another book doing the rounds that I may need to pick up. The story revolves around a couple (Toni and Ryan) who were convicted of murdering Toni’s sister Nicole. The book had an amazing ending that I did not see coming, and that was extremely satisfying! Pick it up you will not regret it! Grab it here.

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