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Welcome to The Pathway to Positivity

A place where I talk about all things positivity, mindset and manifestation. Now before I begin I must mention that I am in no way a professional regarding this topic. I do however, have a strong passion for the area and love talking about it with other people! Please chime in and join the conversation in the comments below! The best way to begin The Pathway to Positivity is to connect with other people who practice the same mindset.

So let’s get into it shall we. Everyone wants to be happy, and I think that is where the positive mindset comes into play. However, saying over and over again “I just want to be happy!” is not going to make it miraculously occur. We need to understand something before we even begin on the journey of positivity.

We are the power behind our thoughts, and thus our life

Read that again, really let it sink in. “We are the power behind our thoughts.” Meaning that we are the only ones in this entire world that can control our thoughts. You control what movie plays inside your head every moment, of every day, for your whole life. It is true, other people and events have the ability to effect our thoughts and emotions, but we decide how these external sources change our mindset. More about this in another post.

How can I be a positive person?

That is the infamous question. It is important to note, that everyone may make an effort to be a more positive person differently. I can tell you however, that the first step to becoming a more positive and happy person is to WANT NOTHING. In the bestselling book The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha, he talks about how to be truly happy, you must be completely content with what you already have in life. If we are grateful for the things life has brought us, we may then begin to envision our future.  

Click here to learn more about The Happiness Equation

In summary, step number one to The Pathway to Positivity, is to simply choose happy. It is true when they say that life is not nearly long enough to be worrying about everything, and letting our emotions get the best of us. Now trust me, I have been working on this very thing for a v-e-r-y  l-o-n-g  t-i-m-e. I still have times when I let my emotions drive my actions but, the difference now is the amount of time I yield control. I used to relinquish all control and let something upsetting, or frustrating ruin my whole day. Now, I give that same ‘something’ about 5-10 minutes. That ‘something’ still happened, and it is important to recognize it and not ignore it. I no longer let an event control my emotions or my day! Something negative is only worth the amount of energy and time you give it! Think about that.

So start here, choose happy and begin your Pathway to Positivity. Check back, or follow for more about this series on Walking with Grace. Be sure to join the conversation in the comments and see the social media links for more.

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