Change | Why it’s Good for the Soul

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Some people crave it, others are afraid of it…

Change. Physical, mental, spiritual. It is all the same. It is taking something that has remained the same for a long, long time, and somehow changing it. Seems simple doesn’t it? Sometimes, this shift is self-inflicted, you yourself has decided that something in your life, within your being needs to change. Other times, there is an outside source that forces a change to happen. We have all been there, and sometimes we are afraid of change. I am here to tell you not to be.

Lose the fear

Fear is doubt, and doubt is what negative energy feeds on. It’s ok to have a moment where you feel vulnerable about something that is happening in your life, whether it was your choice or not. But, try not to give it more than that singular moment. When we lose the fear that is tied to our change, we tell the universe that we expect only good things to come from our new experiences.

Try it next time, embrace the change, lose the fear and expect great things.

Feed your soul

In the 21st century we focus so incredibly hard on feeding our bodies so they grow strong and pure! What about our souls? We can get used to our lives and the experiences we have day to day. Change gives us a healthy shock to the system, and leaves us feeling grateful! Grateful for what we had before the change, and for what is next to come.

I leave you with this simple thought…

Would you be completely happy with your life if someone told you, you would never experience change again?

Until next time,


The Pathway to Positivity | Manifesting Using Vision Boards

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Manifesting, it is a beautiful thing, if you know how to do it correctly. I talk all about the basics of manifesting in this blog post. There are many different ways you can manifest your dreams and goals, vision boards is just one of them.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collection of pictures that depict the things that you truly desire. The idea is that you gather photos that explicitly show your goals, showcase them in a way that work for you, and ensure that they will be visible to you during your everyday life. We know that we have to envision what we want, so by starring at those things during the day, it only increases our level manifestation. Every time you look at your vision board you automatically begin to see life with those goals. You imagine what it would feel like, and be like. These are exactly the sentiments we need to be feeling and thinking, to get the most out of manifestation.

How to create a vision board?

The images you choose to use for your vision board should be relevant to you. Meaning that, if I want to be successful in my career, I am going to choose a picture that pertains to my job (Business for example) I might include a picture of someone in a board meeting, and I am at the head of the table. This example is specific to my job, and shows the exact goal I want to achieve.

On the other hand, depending on the goal, you shouldn’t be too specific. If you want to go on a glamorous vacation, don’t narrow your horizons to a certain place. I would include a photo of a beautiful beach or resort, making sure that the name of the place etc. is not included. This allows your mind and the universe to bring opportunity to you, in a large scale. If we narrow our expectations down too far (in this case) we are limiting the universe and our minds. It is like asking a friend to go to the store and buy you some ice cream, only you didn’t tell them which kind. Maybe your friend will bring you a few options, because you weren’t specific. See what I am saying?

Putting your vision board together

It sounds silly, but include yourself in the images as best as you can. The point is that you are looking at your future! If you can photoshop your name or yourself into the image DO IT! It will only make things that much more effective. If this is not possible, it’s ok, do what you can. Remember, the goal is to include pictures that make you think of the things you aspire towards.

Below is my vision board. It is a rustic entryway piece I found at HomeSense, and it is my perfect vision board. Don’t forget, you should put it where you will look at it the most. This is where we hang our coats, put on our shoes and leave our keys, so we see it at least twice a day. I also included the reasoning behind every image on my vision board. I hope it helps you think of photos you would like to include and how to depict your goals.

  1. A house – Marc and I are saving for a home. This is just a picture I selected from google of the general type of home we like. I am thinking of adding another picture of a condo, seeing as we are open to either option.
  2. Marc and I together – This picture was taken at my friends wedding last year. We had a lot of fun and we had so much love for each other. These are the feelings I get when I look at that picture, so I continue to envision that love and happiness in our lives.
  3. A vacation – This image is of a tropical vacation, something Marc and I may want to do over the winter season. However, I am currently debating on changing this photo out to include a scene in Nashville. We have recently decided that our families will be going there in around a year. So, if I include Nashville on our vision board I can manifest that vacation rather than a tropical one. Seeing as Nashville is more likely to occur in our situation.
  4. A For Sale Sign – This is where the magic happened. I used the Paint program on my MacBook to add Marc’s name to the for sale sign. Marc is a real estate representative in the GTA and we manifest his success on a daily basis.
  5. A classroom door – Again, I used Paint (simple but oh so useful) to add my name to the classroom door. My goal was to have my own classroom for the coming school year. By adding my name I added myself into the equation, making it easier to envision my future. However, you may notice I did not include a grade on the door. This is because I was not specific in the grade I wanted to teach, and I did not want to limit the scope of possibility. I was open to teach any grade! I just so happened to be fired for a grade 5 classroom position.
  6. and 7. Our grandparents – I included photos of my grandmother and Marc’s grandfather during a time when they were happy and we were all together. When I created the vision board, both were battling a medical illness, so we would envision them happy and healthy like they were in the pictures! I am happy to report they are doing amazing.

I hope this helped you think about your own goals and wishes for yourself and the people you love. Don’t forget that you have the power to take control of your life. You can change the things you are unhappy with, even if it seems impossible.

All you need to do is envision it, work for it, and believe it.

Until next time,


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The Pathway to Positivity | Manifestating 101

Disclaimer: I am not a professional in the field of positive thinking or manifestation. Rather, I practice the method frequently and like to share my input and experiences.

What is manifesting?

Really, what is it? We hear about it, read about it, and sometimes even try it. But, what is it really. Manifesting is believing in your mind that something is truly going to happen. In your mind you ‘manifest’ this desire. Remember that little movie that plays in your head, the one that I talked about in the first post in The Pathway to Positivity? You have total control over what movie play in your mind. Manifesting means that you turn on the movie starring you, and the plot is that you get exactly what you truly want.

How do you manifest?

This isn’t magic, it’s manifesting. You can’t expect to think about your goal and it will just happen. You need to believe it, with every bone in your body. So many people think that manifesting if just the act of obsessively thinking about what you want. This is untrue. The key (so I have found in my experiences) is to envision your goal, or your desire as if it has already happened.

Personal experience:

I had been dreaming of becoming a full-time teacher. At the time I was a part-time teacher, teaching mostly health and music to grade one students. I loved my job, but I knew that I was meant to be a full-time classroom teacher. This desire became my biggest goal in the last year. I would think about it constantly, journal about it and create vision boards (more about this in another post) In doing all of this, I made sure to imagine that my ultimate goal (being hired as a full-time teacher) became my reality.

Now, I wouldn’t sit there and say to myself “I am going to get full-time, I am going to get full-time.” Ok let’s be honest I totally did that, but I also manifested my dream as if it had already come true. I imagined myself getting the phone call from a principal offering me a full-time teaching position, after a successful interview. I would also thank the universe, and truly be grateful for everything I already had in my life. This is a crucial step because without gratitude, we cannot truly appreciate what is given to us in life.

You also cannot have any doubt. I like to think of the universe kind of like any animal that can smell fear. They adjust their reaction towards you based on your perception of them. If you are scared, they can tell. The same goes with the universe, but with doubt. You cannot have any doubt that your desire will not come true (In my opinion and experience) Think about it, when has doubt ever made you feel good or happy? NEVER. Isn’t happiness the goal of all of this anyways? Never forget that happiness is the root of all good.

In short, I did have a successful interview with a principal, and I did get that phone call offering me a full-time position. I truly believe that thinking positively and never having doubt that I would be successful in attaining my dream, is a huge part of why I am in this position today.

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Introducing | The Pathway to Positivity

Welcome to The Pathway to Positivity

A place where I talk about all things positivity, mindset and manifestation. Now before I begin I must mention that I am in no way a professional regarding this topic. I do however, have a strong passion for the area and love talking about it with other people! Please chime in and join the conversation in the comments below! The best way to begin The Pathway to Positivity is to connect with other people who practice the same mindset.

So let’s get into it shall we. Everyone wants to be happy, and I think that is where the positive mindset comes into play. However, saying over and over again “I just want to be happy!” is not going to make it miraculously occur. We need to understand something before we even begin on the journey of positivity.

We are the power behind our thoughts, and thus our life

Read that again, really let it sink in. “We are the power behind our thoughts.” Meaning that we are the only ones in this entire world that can control our thoughts. You control what movie plays inside your head every moment, of every day, for your whole life. It is true, other people and events have the ability to effect our thoughts and emotions, but we decide how these external sources change our mindset. More about this in another post.

How can I be a positive person?

That is the infamous question. It is important to note, that everyone may make an effort to be a more positive person differently. I can tell you however, that the first step to becoming a more positive and happy person is to WANT NOTHING. In the bestselling book The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha, he talks about how to be truly happy, you must be completely content with what you already have in life. If we are grateful for the things life has brought us, we may then begin to envision our future.  

Click here to learn more about The Happiness Equation

In summary, step number one to The Pathway to Positivity, is to simply choose happy. It is true when they say that life is not nearly long enough to be worrying about everything, and letting our emotions get the best of us. Now trust me, I have been working on this very thing for a v-e-r-y  l-o-n-g  t-i-m-e. I still have times when I let my emotions drive my actions but, the difference now is the amount of time I yield control. I used to relinquish all control and let something upsetting, or frustrating ruin my whole day. Now, I give that same ‘something’ about 5-10 minutes. That ‘something’ still happened, and it is important to recognize it and not ignore it. I no longer let an event control my emotions or my day! Something negative is only worth the amount of energy and time you give it! Think about that.

So start here, choose happy and begin your Pathway to Positivity. Check back, or follow for more about this series on Walking with Grace. Be sure to join the conversation in the comments and see the social media links for more.

Until next time,