Change | Why it’s Good for the Soul

– The Pathway to Positivity

Some people crave it, others are afraid of it…

Change. Physical, mental, spiritual. It is all the same. It is taking something that has remained the same for a long, long time, and somehow changing it. Seems simple doesn’t it? Sometimes, this shift is self-inflicted, you yourself has decided that something in your life, within your being needs to change. Other times, there is an outside source that forces a change to happen. We have all been there, and sometimes we are afraid of change. I am here to tell you not to be.

Lose the fear

Fear is doubt, and doubt is what negative energy feeds on. It’s ok to have a moment where you feel vulnerable about something that is happening in your life, whether it was your choice or not. But, try not to give it more than that singular moment. When we lose the fear that is tied to our change, we tell the universe that we expect only good things to come from our new experiences.

Try it next time, embrace the change, lose the fear and expect great things.

Feed your soul

In the 21st century we focus so incredibly hard on feeding our bodies so they grow strong and pure! What about our souls? We can get used to our lives and the experiences we have day to day. Change gives us a healthy shock to the system, and leaves us feeling grateful! Grateful for what we had before the change, and for what is next to come.

I leave you with this simple thought…

Would you be completely happy with your life if someone told you, you would never experience change again?

Until next time,