New York City Travel Guide

Happy Sunday lovelies! As the colder weather approaches, I have been thinking and reflecting on the trip I took to New York City last January. I have to admit, this trip really gave me the travel bug and has encouraged me to pursue our next experience to Nashville! That being said I thought I would share a re-cap of our trip and all of the amazing things we did, along with some other things I wish we would have done differently.


No matter how you slice it, NYC is a busy city, so no matter how you choose to get there it will likely be a hectic experience. We decided to fly into JFK Airport from Buffalo Airport. Living in the Greater Toronto Area, you would think that it would be easier to fly from Toronto Pearson International Airport. This was not the case for us. We found a great deal flying with JetBlue Airlines from Buffalo right into JFK, and since we are so close to Buffalo it was not much of an inconvenience. If you live in the GTA or the surrounding area, I strongly recommend checking flights out of Buffalo for any traveling you do. We were very easily able to park our car for the time we were going to be in New York across from the airport. This was really convenient since they had a shuttle that brought you from your car directly to your departing gate.

Once we arrived to JFK, we took a sequence of trains to get from the airport to the Subway where we made it to our hotel. Some people may choose to take a taxi or an Uber from the airport, and I would definitely recommend that depending on the amount of luggage you have. In our case, we each had one normal/full size suitcase and one carry-on. Marc carried a backpack, while I carried a small duffle that easily sat on the handles of my suitcase. Since we were not lugging to many bags, the walk was not to bad. However, the weather was rather cold and snowy, but none of this made the walk to unenjoyable.

** For our experience leaving NYC scroll to the bottom.


Being our first time in the big apple we wanted to stay in the heart of the action therefore, we stayed as close to Times Square as possible. We found a great deal on for a three night, three day stay at The Riu Plaza New York Times Square. It was a beautiful room with great service! The only thing we will consider next time when traveling to New York is the noise. If you are a light sleeper I would highly recommend researching the area in which you decide to stay in terms of noise. I understand that New York is a very busy city, but being so close to Times Square made it very difficult for Marc to sleep, even with the windows closed, and we were also on a high floor. Next time, we would like to stay in Lower Manhattan or Soho.


We had a whole list of things that we were just dying to do in NYC, but being there for a short amount of time meant we had to decide what was an absolute priority. Before you make any decisions on the tourist locations you would like to view, be sure to check out the New York City Pass. This allows you to visit many attractions for a discounted price. In the end we decided on these specific attractions to see during our time there. I included prices and details for those of you interested.

We got to New York City on a Thursday.

Times Square – Thursday evening – FREE

When we got to our hotel it was Friday in the early evening. We knew the first thing we wanted to do was to walk to Times Square and take in all of the amazing-ness! This worked out great because our room was so close to the square.

Times Square, NYC

Central Park – Friday morning – FREE

We took the Subway to Central Park which was much easier than I thought it would be. Keep in mind that you should ask the people working what the best option is for you in regards to purchasing Subway tokens/passes. In our case it was a better deal to purchase a weekend pass (3 day pass I believe it was called) since we took the Subway as our main mode of transportation while we were there. The people are very nice and will help you, they are used to tourists! The park was BEAUTIFUL and the area around it is fantastic as well. It is well worth it to take the time and walk around!

Shopping – Friday afternoon

As we were walking and taking in all of the sights we did some shopping as well. Shopping was not our main focus of the trip, so if you are looking for some great places to shop in New York I suggest you research that so you are well aware of where to spend your precious time.

Empire State Building – Friday night – PRICES VARYING PER PERSON. SEE HERE.

After dinner, and after dark we heading to the Empire State Building. We were particularly excited for this attraction because we had seen it in so many movies. We went up to the 86th floor, and the 102nd (which is an extra fee but well worth it) We did not however, buy the fast pass. If you are in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time in the city you may want to look into this, but we only waited in line for about one hour max.

9/11 Memorial Museum – Saturday morning – $24 PER PERSON

Saturday was our last day in the city, as we were flying out Sunday morning at 6am. I was very excited yet slightly hesitant to go to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. I had heard such great things about it, but I knew it was also going to be very profound. I strongly suggest that you visit this historic museum on the last day of your trip. I say this because the lasting effect of what is in the exhibits stayed with me for the rest of the day. I was a child when 9/11 occurred and I can vividly remember where I was and what I was doing when it occurred. The demonstrations of extreme loss and history are ones that will stay for me for a long long time.

9/11 Memorial Museum

Brooklyn Bridge – Saturday afternoon

From the museum it was very easy to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. I absolutely loved walking from Manhattan into Brooklyn! It felt like a scene right out of Gossip Girl, and I think it might have been one of my favourite parts of the trip. We continued to walk around Brooklyn where the scenery of Lower Manhattan was absolutely breathtaking. It is true what they say,

The best views of the city are from Brooklyn.



As mentioned, we went to New York right after New Years in January, so it was cold. It was cold and snowy, and beautiful. We chose the attractions that best suited the time of year we decided to go, and we packed accordingly. Now, I cannot stress enough that layering was key. You can see that in some of the photos I am wearing suede boots with a small heel, and in others I am wearing Hunter Boots with boot socks. I was very happy with my choice in footwear for this trip, I wore my Hunters on the place and packed my other boots.

I brought one blanket scarf that was perfect and highly necessary, and a range of hats. Since we were outside most of the trip I still wanted to look nice and put together, so I used hats as my way of accessorizing. Most of the time, no one saw what I was wearing underneath my jacket so keep this in mind when packing. I did not bring a large jacket, although I would have used it, but I ok with the this grey puffer coat layered with a sweater and long sleeve underneath.

At night, when we went out for dinner and drinks I mostly stuck with denim, my suede boots and a cute but warm sweater! New York is said to be one of the fashion capitals of the world, but when you are going for the same purpose as me, warmth was a priority over being trendy.


You would assume that we would have taken an Uber at 3am to JFK, flown out on our scheduled flight at 6am, landed in Buffalo and picked up our car and drove home to the GTA, as planned in my perfectly calculated travel agenda. Wrong. SO SO WRONG. Everything about my timeline went fine except for the actual flight part. We got to the airport, got through security, got a coffee and something to eat and then sat down at our gate. We were in the boarding area for about fifteen minutes before big, bold letter flashed on the screen. CANCELLED. Unfortunately, there had been a tragic event that occurred at the Fort Lauderdale Airport the day before, and it was causing many flights to be delayed or cancelled.

Like everyone else, we called the airline and/or waited in line to find out they could not get us out of New York until Tuesday at 6am (it was Sunday morning at around 5am at this point) This was not a option for us, because we had to work! Thankfully, we were able to rent a car and get back to Buffalo that night. So, after we got our baggage we got into our rental car and headed home. By the time we got home, it was a twelve hour journey. Keep in mind, it was January, and we still had to return the rental and get our car from Buffalo, and then drive home. JetBlue was very courteous in the face of frustration and refunded our airline tickets. This made up for the cost of the rental car. I would strongly recommend that you have a backup travel plan regardless of where you go!

Thank you for reading about our experience in the Big Apple in the winter, and I hope it has helped anyone who is thinking of visiting NYC.

Until next time,

Fall Clothing Haul | Affordable Fashion

Happy almost back to school/pre-fall season everyone!

Back to school time can be stressful and exciting! Back to school supplies, clothes and all the other fun stuff can really add up! For teachers like me, it is important to get great staple pieces that work in and out of school, without breaking the bank. Being a self-proclaimed affordable fashion guru, I hunted for a variety of items perfect for this coming season!

I collaborated with my good friend Stevie on this post. Some of the items featured she purchased, while some are my own. For reference, Stevie wears a small, her shoe size is a 7 (shoes were true to size) and is 5’3. Send her some love.

Outfit details are below the pictures, and everything is linked where possible. Happy fall shopping!

Outfit Details:

This beautiful short sleeved cardigan is from Winners! The thing I love about Winners, is you can find some real gems! However, I have learned that if you wait on something, and then decide you want to buy it a few days later, it likely will not be there anymore. Hence, you snooze you lose. So, head into your local Winners or Marshalls!

These loafers (featured in nude and black) were a steal at Ardene! I am talking BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF. Bonus: On their website, these loafers are now 70% off $19.99!

Outfit Details:

This basic cardi tho! It is the ultimate staple! On sale for $45 right now at Old Navy (Teacher clothing HEAVEN) and it is a total must. Stevie also told me she plans to pick it up in multiple colours she loves it so much!

Outfit Details:

I cannot get over this vest. It is a gorgeous olive green colour, perfect for fall. Stevie bought it, I bought it … even my mom bought it because it was on sale for $11 at again … Ardene! I plan on wearing mine open like Stevie is here, or as a dress with a belt and leggings. Online it’s listed as BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF, but in store it was 70% off, so it may vary from site to store.

Outfit Details:

How cute is this blouse! Perfect for work or school, it is classy and comfortable! I couldn’t find this exact one on the Ardene website, but I linked a similar one here.

Outfit Details:

Similar to the blouse previously mentioned, this one is great for the season we are in right now. Say you want to look professional and put together, but it’s hotter than Jamaica in July? This is the little number for you! Pick it up at Ardene for BUY 1 GET 1 FOR $1. (Yes you read that correctly, no Ardene is not going out of business) 

Outfit Details:

These shoes will be the shoes for my fall teaching wardrobe! Again they are at Ardene for BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF. So, I paid $30 for two pairs! I’m sorry, but I paid more for my dog to get his hair cut last week. YOU CAN NOT BEAT IT!

Please follow this blog for more on affordable fashion, teacher fun and all things lifestyle! Thank you for visiting and come back soon!

With love,

Affordable Fashion: My Favourite Items and Stores

In the wake of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I have been thinking long and hard about some of my favourite clothing pieces in my closet. I have come to realize that some of my most worn items, or fav new items, are from reasonably affordable stores. Being a teacher, I strive to collect clothing that is fashion forward, trendy but professional and timeless. These are the pieces I am currently loving for summer moving into fall! All outfit details are linked and listed below and prices are in Canadian dollars. For reference, I am 5’3 and usually am an xs – small in tops and dresses and 2 (26) in denim.


This jumpsuit ($24.50) from a store called Ardene is an absolute staple in my closet right now. It is beyond comfortable and can be paired with almost anything! It is a great transition piece from summer to fall, and I cannot wait to wear this to teach come September. I bought this is an x-small and it is on sale right now BUY 1 GET 1 for 1$ (Whaaaatt.)


In this next outfit, I paired that same jumpsuit with a kimono ($18.50) also from Ardene. This kimono is so soft and light, perfect for summer and warm fall days. it is also BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF right now!


THIS CARDIGAN THOUGH ($64.95)! It is the softest, most versatile additional clothing item I have recently collected, and comes in three colours. I purchased it from the GAP during a 40% off sale, and it goes so well with everything. It is the perfect item to add to a camisole, or on top of this off the shoulder floral top (next outfit).


This top ($34.40 BUY 1 GET 1 FOR $1), as mentioned in the above outfit, it so adorable. It is from Ardene (a reoccurring theme in this post) and is a really soft. With long bell sleeves, it is perfect for a cool summer night out, or a warm fall day! It is available online in a beautiful blush and orange colour! I paired it with these jeans from Dynamite, which I got on major sale (I love all of their jeans though)


Lace up sweaters are all the rage right now, and the trend is not going to end anytime soon. They can be pretty expensive at some stores, but I found this one at GAP for 40% off. It is a really nice knit sweater but isn’t at all itchy. It is super flattering and will cover your behind if you want to wear it with leggings!


I paired those flattering jeans from Dynamite with this tie-up bell sleeve sweater from the same store. I got this on sale for $8! You cannot beat that! These two items may not be in stores any longer, but check out the sale rack at Dynamite and you will definitely find some gems! 


I have a different denim jacket that I love. It is a darker wash and slightly more fitted, but I spotted this one at H&M for $29.95 and knew I had to have it. It is the perfect amount of ‘slouchy’ to work with the over-sized trend!


Here is another jumpsuit that is just too perfect! This one has longer pant legs compared to the first outfit in this post, it is from H&M and it has pockets!