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Disclaimer: I am not a professional in the field of positive thinking or manifestation. Rather, I practice the method frequently and like to share my input and experiences.

What is manifesting?

Really, what is it? We hear about it, read about it, and sometimes even try it. But, what is it really. Manifesting is believing in your mind that something is truly going to happen. In your mind you ‘manifest’ this desire. Remember that little movie that plays in your head, the one that I talked about in the first post in The Pathway to Positivity? You have total control over what movie play in your mind. Manifesting means that you turn on the movie starring you, and the plot is that you get exactly what you truly want.

How do you manifest?

This isn’t magic, it’s manifesting. You can’t expect to think about your goal and it will just happen. You need to believe it, with every bone in your body. So many people think that manifesting if just the act of obsessively thinking about what you want. This is untrue. The key (so I have found in my experiences) is to envision your goal, or your desire as if it has already happened.

Personal experience:

I had been dreaming of becoming a full-time teacher. At the time I was a part-time teacher, teaching mostly health and music to grade one students. I loved my job, but I knew that I was meant to be a full-time classroom teacher. This desire became my biggest goal in the last year. I would think about it constantly, journal about it and create vision boards (more about this in another post) In doing all of this, I made sure to imagine that my ultimate goal (being hired as a full-time teacher) became my reality.

Now, I wouldn’t sit there and say to myself “I am going to get full-time, I am going to get full-time.” Ok let’s be honest I totally did that, but I also manifested my dream as if it had already come true. I imagined myself getting the phone call from a principal offering me a full-time teaching position, after a successful interview. I would also thank the universe, and truly be grateful for everything I already had in my life. This is a crucial step because without gratitude, we cannot truly appreciate what is given to us in life.

You also cannot have any doubt. I like to think of the universe kind of like any animal that can smell fear. They adjust their reaction towards you based on your perception of them. If you are scared, they can tell. The same goes with the universe, but with doubt. You cannot have any doubt that your desire will not come true (In my opinion and experience) Think about it, when has doubt ever made you feel good or happy? NEVER. Isn’t happiness the goal of all of this anyways? Never forget that happiness is the root of all good.

In short, I did have a successful interview with a principal, and I did get that phone call offering me a full-time position. I truly believe that thinking positively and never having doubt that I would be successful in attaining my dream, is a huge part of why I am in this position today.

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