The Life of a Dog Mom

Ok ladies, you know the drill if you have a dog. They are your everything, your shinning light, your best friend. My dogs name is Kobi and he is a five year old Shorkie. I hate to admit it but this 6lbs fur ball rules my house like a KING! We do everything we can for our little fur babies some of us even going above and beyond. Think about how many posts and advertisements relating to dog or pets you see everyday! Most of them telling you, you need to buy the next best thing for your pup. But how far is too far. How much is too much.

My boyfriend and I are well aware that sometimes (all the time) we go overboard. For example, Kobi now has more clothes that a typical toddler and a bin so filled with toys we find them anywhere and everywhere. Not bad? Ok… what if I told you we bought him a lifejacket to go swimming, and we carried him around in one of these on Canada Day?IMG_2222

Please share more ways in which we can spoil our baby to no end, and share photos of how you spoil yours with me on Instagram! @walkingwthgrace

❤️ Kobi’s carrier


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